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With more than 25 years experience in the information technology industry, technology entrepreneur Craig Brown, PhD has a passion and dedication to instructing clients in both technical and management capabilities that will sustain those demands. Dr. Brown’s goal of mentoring – and offering advice that results in a more firm grasp of those technologies companies depend on – is being realized every day. His credentials and experience have propelled his career as a leading expert in the IT arena and a top venture capitalist.

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A Survivor’s Story

Many people couldn’t imagine going for a motorcycle ride after an intense chemotherapy treatment. But Dr. Craig Brown couldn’t imagine not going for a ride after his intense chemo treatment,

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The Joy of the Risk

Dr. Craig Brown is an admitted risk taker – but a calculated one. His tendency to stay focused and not accept “no” for an answer is something reflected in his professional and personal life.

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Giving Back

Balance is key for Dr. Craig Brown. That means giving is as essential as receiving. Dr. Craig is a giver by nature — professionally, through his experiences as a cancer survivor and how…

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AWS API Gateway Export in OpenAPI and Postman Formats

I wrote about being able to import an OpenAPI into the AWS API Gateway to jumpstart your API the other day. OpenAPI definitions are increasingly used for every stop along the API lifecycle, and being able to import an OpenAPI to start a new API, or update an existing...


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