Up until Spring 2009 I did not pay too much attention to my health.  i thought I had a pretty healthy lifestyle.  My diet wasn’t perfect but I didn’t think that it was horrible.  I ate my share of sweets and processed foods but I also cooked meals using olive oils and other aids that helped make it all well balanced.  My weight was under control.  I am 6’2″ and at my heaviest I weighed 185 pounds.  I played pick up games of basketball on Tuesday and I bowled in a league on Saturday.  In addition, I participated in the occasional 5K run “for a cause” (without any training) and I considered the rough play with my son’s as a form of exercise.  Even the long walks through countless airports should count for something.  So what happened?  The next thing I know, one month after my 40th birthday, I am being told that I have Pancreatic Cancer.

So what was I missing?  What should I have eaten or what exercise should I have completed?

Well readers, here are some of the details I dug up on countless sites when I wanted to know more about my illness, PANCREATIC CANCER.  Stress seems to be the main culprit to the equation.  No matter your race, religion, creed, culture and/or lifestyle.  Stress (all forms) produces acid and acid is the perfect environment for cancer cells to thrive in.  Stress comes in many forms. Some forms of stress actually comes from what we eat and don’t eat.  Did you know that starving your body of nutrition it needs is a form of DIS-STRESS placed on the part of the body that needs it.  Stress is not just measured by how much you work, how much you worry or how often you drink your or smoke.  These are all important factors, but they aren’t the only factors.

   So as I do a recount on my life, prior to the big day (Diagnosis Day), I can recall other factors that I didn’t mention above as I was listing all the things I did that contributed to what I thought was a healthy lifestyle.  In addition to the doctors care there are additional things that should be done to beat cancer.  The following is my personal recipe for sustaining myself and increasing my alkaline levels while undergoing treatment.  Keep in mind that although i am listing the actual products that I used I believe that there may be others out there that will produce the same affect. I am not a sales person, stock holder or in no way affiliated with these companies.


Field of Green

I used the packets primarily and I mixed them into a smoothy.  I consumed one to two packs daily.  My energy levels steadily increased and this also helped with my appetite.  As my energy levels got higher I felt a little closer to my normal self with every passing day.

The nutritional facts are described here.  I can say with the utmost confidence that this helped me out quite a bit.

Green veggies were one of my DIS-STRESS symptoms.  It was missing from my regular diet (actually pretty non-existent) so this was a way to increase the potency and “hope” that it doesn’t take as long to alter the condition of my body (environment) to help increase my alkaline levels. So the importance of Green Veggies is much bigger than I realized.

Water with a high PH level is the next ingredient in my personal recipe for sustaining myself and increasing my alkaline levels while undergoing treatment.  Its just water.  Why does this matter?  Well I will answer that question this way.  Water is the only sure fire way to flush toxins out of your system.  Toxins are another form of stress on the body that are created any a multitude of ways.  They come from the food, the air, the beverages we consume.  There are no limits as to how toxins enter our bodies.  Water is the answer to this problem.  The higher the PH level the better the absorption.  With good absorption your organs have a chance to benefit from this refreshing drink.  Hydration leads to good over health.  De-hydration is a DIS-STRESS symptom.

I consumed 48 oz to 64 oz per day everyday without fail.  I addition to this regiment I decreased and/or eliminated all other beverages from my diet.  I decreased citric acid (OJ, Grapefruit juice, etc…) and I eliminated carbonated drinks (soft drinks, soda, fountain drinks, anything with a bubbles.  These drinks contribute to the acidic environment and the goal is to increase your alkaline levels.  So there was no room for even the occasional soft drink.

The radiation that was scheduled never happened.  I sustained an aggressive chemo so it took a few months before I started to feel different. My doctors encouraged these additional activities but what I also did along side consuming the two items listed above was that I exercised.  I got out of bed, put on my clothes and in good weather only I walked around outside (MASK and ALL) only going a few houses down then back again.  I found that I enjoyed being tired from physical exhaustion and not so much from being tired from rest and relaxation.  So I literally wore myself down some just walking what felt like mikes but literally only a few yards a day.