I wrote about being able to import an OpenAPI into the AWS API Gateway to jumpstart your API the other day. OpenAPI definitions are increasingly used for every stop along the API lifecycle, and being able to import an OpenAPI to start a new API, or update an existing in your API gateway is a pretty important feature for streamlining API operations. OpenAPI is great for defining the surface area of deploying and managing your API, as well as potentially generate client SDKs and interactive API documentation for your API developer portal.

Another important aspect of this API lifecycle is being able to get your definitions out in a machine-readable format as well. All service providers should be making API definitions a two-way street, just like Amazon does with the AWS API Gateway. Using the AWS Console you can export an OpenAPI definition for any API. What makes things interesting is you can also export an OpenAPI complete with all the OpenAPI extensions they use to customize each API within the API Gateway. Also, they provide an export to OpenAPI, but with Postman specific extensions, allowing you to use it in the desktop client tooling when developing, as well as integrating with any API. https://goo.gl/b4gWGY #DataIntegration #ML