Body of Work

Ensuring the client is completely satisfied with the caliber of IT services is just one element goal of Dr. Craig Brown’s unique approach to the industry. The other component is an educational piece, where Dr. Brown creates a learning environment for clients to truly understand the scope of his work.

The aspect that allows Dr. Brown to confirm that after the client receives the services, they can also do it on their own if they wish. Self-suffiency is a core value for Dr. Brown, who doesn’t want to create a dependency for the client, but rather offer a two-pronged methodology that solves the client’s technical issue and offers hands-on instruction.

Summary of all experience and years

Full Detailed Resume

Resume highlighting All experience

  • Detailed Resume
  • 1986-1999
  • 2000-Present


[Fully_Detailed_Resume_Craig_Brown_2000-Present.doc”]2000-Present[/button]   [Fully_Detailed_Resume_Craig_Brown_1986-1999.doc”]1986-1999[/button]


Database Architect

Resume highlighting Project Management & Technical Lead

  • Database Architect
  • Project Management
  • Technical Lead


2000-Present   1986-1999


ERP Systems Administration

Resume highlighting PeopleSoft/EBS/SAP DBA [list style=”arrow-right”]

  • PeopleSoft
  • Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Applications
  • SAP Administration


2000-Present   1986-1999

Database Administration

Resume highlighting Overall DBA Experience
[list style=”arrow-right”]

  • Oracle Database, RAC, ASM, Golden Gate & Oracle Tools
  • Oracle E-Business Application Database Administration-Support
  • Oracle PeopleSoft Database Administration-Support
  • IBM DB2 / UDB Database Administration / Support
  • Microsoft SQL Server Database Administration
  • SharePoint Database Administration / Support
  • MySQL Database Administration / Support


2000-Present   1986-1999