The Joy of the Risk

Dr. Craig Brown is an admitted risk taker – but a calculated one.

His tendency to stay focused and not accept “no” for an answer is something reflected in his professional and personal life. But he doesn’t do things because they are risky; rather, the things that he likes to do come with a risk. So that means while Craig is enjoying adventurous activities from skydiving to snowboarding to riding his motorcycle, he takes the proper safety precautions. He is also a marathon runner and enjoys motor sports, activities that get the heart pumping and the adrenaline rushing.

But for Craig, living life to the fullest also includes the simple things: going to the movies, cooking in his kitchen or just sitting on his patio.

“I don’t have to be going 150 miles an hour just to be happy,” he says.

Craig also enjoys just being a parent. He describes himself as open-minded, a trait he also wants to demonstrate to his three children – ages 16, 14 and 9 – to expose them to more than what’s going on in their backyard. He knows that exposure increases their world and therefore increases the possibilities.

Doing what he loves is what fueled Craig’s spirit and resolve after an intense battle with pancreatic cancer in 2009. He believes his adventurous side balances out his work ethic, his philanthropic efforts and community service.