Balance is key for Dr. Craig Brown.

That means giving is as essential as receiving. Dr. Craig is a giver by nature — professionally, through his experiences as a cancer survivor and how he teaches his children to live life to the fullest through his adventurous (but safe) hobbies.

Dr. Craig knows what it means to overcome adversity. He knows what it means to persevere. The compassion that stems from his own experiences has fueled his efforts to encourage children and adults with disabilities and other hardships. He is spearheading a nonprofit organization, EPIC (Empowering. Purpose. Integrity. Character.) Youth Sports, which provides a safe and fun environment for teaching the fundamentals of basketball for preparing youngsters  for competition. Dr. Craig stands by the fundamental principles of the program, which strives to prepare participants to be outstanding citizens who will grow through character development, leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship and develop a family environment within their teams and the community.

Dr. Craig is also dedicated to introducing disadvantaged children and young adults to careers in technology as producers and entrepreneurs and he is a staunch supporter of health and wellness programs such as LiveStrong.